Coating Solutions to Trafficked Area Problems – Part 2

May 21, 2009

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Continued: Coating Solutions to Trafficked Area Problems

The last blog discussed a couple of solutions to high-trafficked area flooring problems, such as water infiltration of concrete floorings and the risk of incurring osmotic-blistered floorings.

Another flooring problem that can occur is regular freeze-thaw exposure, common in patios and outdoor walkways that are subject to the yearly changes in the season. A regular freezing and thawing of floorings in such trafficked areas can result to the deterioration of the surface and the lessening of slip resistance. To remedy this problem, there is a need to repair first the holes and cracks in the floor caused by freezing, using a fast-setting cement. An industrial floor coating primer is then applied afterwards, followed by an even application of coating mixture, and a roller skims through the surface to release trapped air. To restore slip resistance, quartz sand is applied, and a sealing coat completes the industrial floor coating system that is now repaired, more protected and lasts longer than before.

For high-trafficked floors that require only a minimal amount of time for repair work, like runways or hotel lobbies that are constantly used by visitors, the process of floor maintenance starts with a thorough cleanup of the floors and a careful removal of any contaminants and water. A fast-filling and fast-setting industrial floor coating product is then applied, ensuring a rapid return-to-service of the trafficked area.

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