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March 26, 2009

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For coating application projects aimed at improving the quality and performance of the facility, the facility manager and the exterior painting contractor recognize the importance of using only the most appropriate tools and equipments when doing coating projects.

The tools of the trade are diverse and varied – from simple tools like sponges, brushes, rollers and sprayers, to more complex equipments’ like electrocoaters and spinners. Whatever the device, it is essential to purchase only coating gears that are of the best quality, preferably from certified or reliable suppliers, to avoid poorly-performing equipments. Most often, the exterior painting contractor is most knowledgeable on the finest supplies and materials in the market, and can give relevant advice on what tools are suitable for the project, as well as the best suppliers to purchase the products from.

The exterior painting contractor strictly implements safety standards during coating projects. That is why safety equipments such as headgears and eye wears are also necessary during coating application projects. Many coatings suppliers provide protective clothing, face protection gears, and even respirators and fresh air during industrial coating applications. The protective attire and accessories help prevent on-the-job accidents and lessen the health and safety risks to the personnel on the job.

Coating supplies and equipments can either be purchased or rented. Some suppliers even provide value-added services such as repairs, maintenance and training on industrial coating applications.

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