Coatings Failure Due to the Elements

September 1, 2009

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The natural and constantly interacting forces of sun, air, and water are some of the most frequent causes of epoxy coatings failure in facilities. The powerful sunlight can break down the chemical composition of epoxy coatings through time. Daily exposure to the sun’s rays can hasten chemical deterioration that can inevitably lead to epoxy coatings failure. Only a careful selection of ultraviolet-resistant epoxy coatings products can withstand the sun’s onslaught far longer than ordinary paint.

The presence of water, even in small quantities, is also another cause of premature epoxy coatings failure in facilities. Sturdy concrete surfaces are particularly vulnerable to water damages, because they retain water much longer in nooks and crevasses. When water is retained in concrete surfaces, these damp areas are never totally dried out. Water interactions with high humidity also produce moisture that causes epoxy coatings to fail after some time.

Some building structures are constantly submerged in water, such as pipes and marine facilities. In these environments, standard epoxy coatings will simply fail. The solution is to apply a new breed of solvent-free coatings specifically designed for underwater use, whose epoxy formulation actually repels water.

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