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September 27, 2012

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The Best Coatings for Steel Structural Components

Preserving the integrity of your steel structural components is an essential part of maintaining your commercial or industrial facility. When choosing an industrial painting contractor for your business, it’s important to select a company that understands how to match the right materials to the right job.

Steel structural coatings should be able to protect your essential components from damage due to environmental exposure, while maintaining aesthetic appeal for many years.

Top options for steel structural coatings

The most commonly used type of paint to protect steel structures is epoxy coating. This is a durable, tough-as-nails coating that forms a plastic-like film. Waterproof and chemical resistant, epoxy can provide years of protection for your steel components.

It’s important to note that while epoxy coating delivers exceptional coverage, it must be mixed and applied with precise timing, or the protective abilities could be compromised. Look for a painting contractor with extensive experience in the application of epoxy.

Another excellent choice for steel structural components is Direct To Metal (DTM) acrylic coating, which is also 100 percent waterproof, as well as resistant to chemicals and corrosion. Your painting company should understand which situations can be covered by DTM, and which call for epoxy coating.

Applying a top coat

Once the epoxy or DTM coating is applied, the job shouldn’t be over for the painting contractor. California facilities are especially susceptible to damage from UV rays, due to the amount of exposure to sunlight.

The best way to preserve the integrity of the coating is to apply a UV protective or polyurethane top coat. This not only adds an additional layer between your structural components and the elements, but also keeps the paint color from fading, so your facility can retain its aesthetic appeal.

If you’re concerned about corrosion, it’s a good idea to contact a commercial painting contractor to inspect your steel structural components, and discover whether your facility is in need of corrosion control before the damage becomes a costly endeavor.

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