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April 1, 2009

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Industrial coating products are considered by facility owners and managers as an important contributor to the performance and longevity of any facility. The function of coating products in protecting the building surfaces and other building assets such as vehicles, equipments and appliances result in the overall viability and profitability of the business. 

Because of this, exterior painting contractors often advise facility owners to learn the basic aspects of industrial coating products and their various applications, to obtain the most benefit from the use of these products. 

Coating Products Application

Although breakthroughs in the coating industry have resulted in products that increase the aesthetic or decorative value of building properties, coating products are first and foremost utilized to protect building surfaces of all kinds — metal, concrete, steel, even wood, ceramic, or glass. Coating products serve a variety of functions ranging from corrosion control, fire resistance, building preservation, heat deflection, surface cover, sealant, among others. 

An exterior painting contractor may also encounter building and equipment that are often exposed to the harsh elements and require industrial coatings for restorative or repair purposes. 

Another important use of industrial coatings is for compliance of local and state building codes, wherein strict adherence to fire protection and other safety standards are required for all building and facilities. 

Types of Coating Products

Exterior painting contractors agree that function often dictates the kind of coating products to use in building and maintenance projects. 

Fluoropolymer industrial coatings are best suited for corrosion control and resistance to damaging chemicals. The mix of resins and lubricating solutions reduce abrasion and extend the lifespan of coated surfaces. 

The glossy finish of polyurethane industrial coatings offers durable protection from weathering and erosion due to constant exposure to natural elements. 

Phosphate coatings are often used as surface preparation coating prior to the actual coating application. It has lubricating properties that reduce friction and is also corrosion-resistant. 

Thermal epoxy coatings, on the other hand, provide strong protection from damage due to exposure to alkaline substances and harsh and caustic chemicals. 

Coating products are also categorized in terms of purpose. Thus, there are coating products suitable for maintenance, marine or underwater, and architectural projects. 

Coating Supplies and Equipments

Either done in-house or by an exterior painting contractor, facility managers should always use the most appropriate tools and equipment in any coating project. From simple tools like sponges, brushes, rollers and sprayers, to more complex ones like electrocoaters and spinners, the most important consideration is to buy only from certified or reliable paint suppliers, to avoid poorly-performing equipment. Exterior painting contractors can give the best advice on what supplies and materials are appropriate for the project, and the best suppliers to purchase the products from. 

Safety equipments such as headgear and eye wear are also necessary for coating application projects to prevent accidents and lessen the health and safety risks to the exterior painting contractor. Many paint suppliers also provide protective clothing, face protection gear, and even respirators and fresh air during industrial coating applications. 

Coating supplies and equipments can either be purchased or rented. Some paint suppliers also provide extra and value-added services such as repairs, maintenance and even training on industrial coating applications. 

The options for coating products and supplies are varied and advantageous to facility managers who want wider choices on how to save on costs and still maintain the same quality for their coating project. 

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