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July 29, 2008

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The painting industry never stands still. Painting R&D has often wondered if a pigment could be developed that changed colors. The answer is yes, and the latest line of color changing paints is ready for the market. Helicone HC liquid crystal pigments are a product of LCP Technology GmbH, a German company specializing in the creation of pigments for consumer products and paints.

How Helicone HC Works

Helicone HC pigment particles are shaped like tiny plates. Unlike standard pigments, the Helicone HC particles have no inherent color. Instead, they are transparent, like a crystal prism. The type of color produced by these special pigments is dependant on their shape and how light hits their surfaces.

When you stand directly in front of a surface painted with this color changing paint, the light is reflected off the flat surface of the plates so the paint appears as one color. If you stand at angle to the painted surface, the light that reaches your eyes is reflected by the edges of the plate, which creates a completely different color.

Helicone HC pigments produce colors in pairs, such as gold and green or light blue to deep blue. Currently the Helicone HC pigments are available in six color pairs. However, more than one type of pigment can be mixed within a binder to produce more color changing effects.

So far, Helicone HC has been used for consumer products, especially as an automotive paint, but the pigment could be suitable for some commercial uses. Toy stores, game rooms and entertainment centers could put the color changing effects of the pigment into service as part of the overall look for the business.

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