Combating Water Damage

August 30, 2011

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Waterproofing contractors respond with different kinds of solutions, depending on the source and extent of damage. But at the onset of remediation efforts, any solution always begins with cleaning the waterlogged area.

To protect concrete surfaces from seepage, waterproofing contractors use epoxy-based sealant additives to the concrete coatings before application. For concrete structures that require flexibility of movement, materials such as asphalt, vinyl or polymer-based emulsions are used. These materials protect the concrete surface, and move with the structure as needed.

For already-waterlogged surfaces, surfaces are waterproofed with the use of vinyl or resin coatings, to seal the surface. Other treatments involve the use of materials that sink into the surface to ward off any future water penetration.

Waterproofing Contractors
The best solution to water damage problems in the property, however, is the hiring of skilled professionals to provide the most effective solution and prevention of moisture-wrought deteriorations.

Waterproofing contractors come up with well-planned treatment for any permeation already in progress, and provide good preventive maintenance solutions for the property’s long-term protection.

In doing so, contractors often work with other specialists, such as water systems professionals, landscapers, roofing contractors, among others, to understand the problem in-depth and develop the best solution.

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