Commercial Deck Waterproofing That Works

February 23, 2011

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There are two important requirements when installing a commercial deck waterproofing system. One is that the system should provide excellent protection and the other is that it should look attractive at the same time. Particularly in commercial facilities where every architectural feature has a marketing and advertising value, these two requirements of form and function are very important.

Commercial deck waterproofing systems should accurately address other requirements of the facility. The choice of deck covers depend on such things as whether the deck is above grade or not, or if the deck surface is made of concrete or other materials. Decks may also need either a re-coat or an under-tiling of the waterproofing system. It depends on the current condition of the commercial deck and its existing waterproofing system.

Another factor for consideration is for commercial deck waterproofing systems to perform well in whatever location the deck is in — hotels, schools, swimming pools, office buildings, or tenant apartment buildings. Only the appropriate commercial deck waterproofing system should be installed, otherwise it won’t last long when it was not designed to meet the kind of load that the deck is often exposed to. This is also true with climate considerations, wherein only climate-appropriate systems should be installed.

On top of good performance, the commercial deck waterproofing system should be easy to install. The products used to complete the system should be quality deck coatings, primers and top coats. Most facilities prefer decks that are pleasantly-colored, thus the waterproofing coatings should also come in colors that meet this requirement.

For heavily-trafficked decks, super-strong epoxy-acrylic systems may be needed. The finished system lasts long and is skid-resistant — perfect for athletic courts, pool sides and open walkways.

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