Commercial Painting for Corrosion Prevention in Superstores

February 17, 2011

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Unlike industrial facilities, retail stores suffer less exposure to toxic substances and manufacturing chemicals. Nevertheless, they are not spared from damages brought by corrosion and therefore still require protective commercial painting. The natural elements can bring corrosive agents to superstores that can insidiously attack its surfaces through time.

This is the reason why corrosion-resistant commercial painting systems need to be installed and maintained regularly in superstores. The combination of air and water can slowly eat away the steel elements undermine their integrity. Galvanized steel, in particular, is vulnerable to oxidation and when deterioration is underway, it can look extremely unsightly unless the commercial painting is repaired. And in commercial stores where aesthetics is important, this is one damage that has to be constantly avoided.

Because the inner areas of the retail stores have more controlled temperatures, corrosion is not that prevalent. If in rare event that corrosion does occur in the interiors, appropriate commercial painting repairs should be conducted much like in the exteriors.

Any corroded area should be properly cleaned and prepared prior to commercial painting application. The surfaces may have to be treated with acid-based cleaning agents to create a good adhesive profile. Pressure washing the surface will remove loose dirt and paints, but not corrosion. Hand-held power tools should be used to remove corrosive substances, such as needle guns, sanders, scrapers and wire brushes. The commercial painting selected for the substrates should protect the exteriors against rain and weather and maintain this performance through very long periods of time.

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