Common Causes Of Coating Failures

May 17, 2019

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A high-quality industrial coating is the first line of defense for your equipment. It can protect components from contamination, corrosion, and general wear and tear. Yet when coatings fail, the protection they should provide is erased. This leaves equipment vulnerable to a host of threats that can shorten its lifespan and impact its performance. Understanding what causes coating defects is essential for preventing such problems. Here are common sources of failures in industrial coatings.

The Environment During Application

Environmental conditions during application have a significant effect on coatings’ success. One of the typical reasons for paint coating defects is temperature, for example. If it is too hot or cold when liquid paint is applied, it can cause the coating to come out unevenly. This can lead to weak spots in the dried paint that will eventually crack, blister or flake. The purity of the air, humidity and temperature all should be monitored closely when applying coatings.

Surface Conditions

Coatings must have a clean surface to ensure proper adhesion. Any particulates or contaminants that get between the coating and the substrate can cause the bond between them to fail. This is why properly preparing surfaces is crucial for the success of industrial coatings.

The Application Technique

When coatings are applied incorrectly, it can lead to unsightly defects as well as their eventual failure. For example, when too much paint is applied, it can run down the surface and create areas of uneven thickness.

The Coating’s Formulation

Powder coating defects and their causes often can be traced to improper formulations. A professional provider of industrial coatings should have the necessary knowledge to deliver a formula that will meet your exact needs.

In most cases, coating failures can be avoided with the right expertise. Working with a reputable coatings company is an important step. By leveraging the experience of a skilled contractor, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. When applied with the proper approach, paint or powder coating will defend your equipment against almost anything. Make sure you do everything you can to allow your industrial coating to succeed.

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