Complexities of Large-Scale Waterproofing

September 1, 2010

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Large and sprawling facilities are marvels of human engineering. Everything is magnified — such as the size of manpower and equipment needed to build the multi-level floors of high-rise buildings, or the amount of coatings applied on the endless corridors of international airports.

The waterproofing job for such structures is not spared the complexity. Massive structures often feature complex engineering systems like the network of pipes and plumbing systems, and electrical and mechanical systems. Even doing a simple task such as waterproofing deck coating application requires working around the intensive systems. Thousands of square footage common to large facilities further adds to the logistical problem of waterproofing deck coating application. The waterproofing challenge is so large that it is included in the initial construction plan, to prevent waterproofing failure.

The intricacies of the engineering systems have to be dealt with when creating the barrier membranes in the facility. In waterproofing deck coating applications, the painting contractor must be familiar with these systems and study which areas are vulnerable to moisture infiltration. The margin for error should be almost non-existent during the actual waterproofing deck coating application process. This is because working in and around the mechanical systems can potentially bring damage if the applicators are not careful. Furthermore, the failure to build a good waterproofing envelope will result to leakages that require waterproofing deck coating repairs in the future. Repairs can be more costly when the facility is already operational.

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