Concrete Contractors – How Do They Do It?

April 27, 2010

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The concrete painting contractor turns concrete into useful materials for building projects. The team of concrete workers is often involved in every process of concrete handling — from mixing, pouring, spreading and finishing. Concrete applications may be required in stairs, driveways, decks, parking lots, or wherever the building design requires.

Concrete painting contractors are often busy at any of the following tasks:

1. Preparation of the form work or “boxing”. The boxing holds the freshly-poured concrete in place. It prevents the mixture from spreading in a mess.

2. Mixing. Concrete painting contractors work with cement, sand or rock aggregates, and water to create concrete. The mix varies based on the desired strength and performance, and the type of concrete application specified.

3. Pouring, spreading and leveling. The concrete painting contractor pours concrete following the shape of the boxing. The mixture is spread slowly and carefully, tamped to compact it, and screed to level the surface.

4. Create reinforcing and expansion joints. Reinforcing steel controls cracking, in cases of an uneven sub-grade settlement. Concrete also expands and contracts during temperature changes. Painting contractors create expansion joints with flexible materials to allow this movement.

5. Finishing. Concrete contractors perform finishing when required. This gives the concrete surface a smooth and level appearance.

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