Concrete Finishes for Energy Conservation

February 9, 2010

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With the green building movement going full steam, building designers and facility managers went back to the drawing board to review existing construction methodologies, applications, products and raw materials. To meet the standards of the consumers-turned-environmentalists, everything from paint formulations to concrete finishes were scrutinized to see if they are indeed leaving fewer harmful substances in the planet. The result? Many building designers vote for concrete finishes as one of the few applications that pass the rigid environmental standards with flying colors.

The ordinarily dull concrete turns a shade of eco-friendly green in the eyes of architects and engineers, mainly because concrete possesses a unique ability to regulate the interior temperature of the facility. Concrete finishes help in managing the cooling and heating processes in the building, making concrete a very energy-efficient construction material.

Concrete finishes have the capacity to absorb and retain heat in the surroundings. This is particularly evident and useful in the hot summer months when heat permeates every part of building interiors. Concrete finishes act as insulators that absorb this heat, keeping the interior areas cooler. Come nighttime, and particularly in winter, concrete finishes also regulate the room temperature by emanating comfortable warmth using the heat absorbed in the surface.

Furthermore, concrete finishes often come in natural earth colors. The lighter surface coloring reflects more light to cool the surroundings, particularly at night, to accrue lesser lighting and energy costs.

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