Concrete Floor Coating Considerations

March 22, 2013

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When considering whether or not to paint, repaint or coat your concrete floors, you have probably pondered several important questions. Questions such as “Can it be done?”, “How will it look?” and “Will it hold up?” Of course, you have also wondered what it will cost! 

It is important to note that there are several sub texts to these questions. For example the question, “Can it be done?” is really “Can it be done well and in a cost effective manner?” Likewise the third question, “Will it hold up?” is really the subtext of the second question: “How will it look, not simply the first day but for years to come (will it hold up)? These are important questions to ask when you are considering renewing the floors in larger industrial applications.

The first question is easily answered. “Can it be done?” Absolutely! Today’s materials such as polymer based coatings, epoxies, urethanes and more, provide options and alternatives for every industrial facility. Concrete has long been coated for protection and moisture protection. Now you can modify the surface texture, provide for improved aesthetics, reduce maintenance costs, combat abrasion, increase lighting effectiveness, and even fill in micro cracks that in the past would have resulted in early failure of the coating system. All in cost effective ways.

Industrial painting contractors have the knowledge and skills needed to coat your facility floor providing results that far surpass expectations. When painting or coating concrete several variables have to be considered. What kind of exposure will it have to moisture and chemicals? Is the surface clean and free of chemicals or previous coatings that will impact the application of new coatings? Are there FDA requirements that need to be met with respect to the type of facility being renewed? What are the temperature issues (steam, boiler heat, etc.)? If your painting contractor takes the time to address your needs (and has the requisite knowledge and experience), these issues will be addressed and resolved.

The second and third questions, “How will it look?” and “Will it hold up?” are answered affirmatively when the first question is properly addressed. Concrete coatings, when properly selected and applied, will improve the appearance of an older facility or floor significantly. Simply put, your concrete floor (and walls as well) will look like new. They will give you years of service, putting up with the various abuses every facility floor suffers. They will be cost effective because their life cycle will be extended and ongoing maintenance costs will be reduced. They will also increase the safety of your facility.

Gone are the days when concrete floors that were painted looked like concrete floors that were painted badly! If your facility seems dated, or the floors are an eyesore, it may be time to resurface them with today’s quality coatings.

By the way, have you looked at your facility’s floors lately?

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