Concrete Floor Coatings Selection Criteria

July 6, 2010

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Industrial concrete floor coatings are commonly used in nearly all types of flooring requirements. This is because of concrete’s versatile property to:

  1. Provide repair and protective benefits through a wide range of industrial concrete floor coatings products,
  2. Provide the surface with quality performance for long periods of time,
  3. Transform dreary-looking floors into beautiful areas at any room in the facility, and
  4. Offer a cheaper and more practical option for facility flooring projects

The choice of the most appropriate coating product can be based on varied requirements. It can be monetary considerations or functional requirements, or a combined goal of cost and quality benefits. The ease of installation and time constraints also affect the selection of industrial concrete floor coatings.

With a bewildering array of requirements, there are an equivalent range of product mixes to answer each one. From cement-based toppings, concrete coatings, and curing materials. A vast choice of epoxy formulations, urethane-based films, polyureas or acrylics can be overwhelming.

Sticking to what the facility actually needs is the key to the selection process. If the floors are cracked or damaged, the most effective coatings and materials to repair the problem is needed. If to waterproof the area, then water-proofing coating systems should be installed.

When cost is the biggest factor in coatings selection, facility managers must still insist on quality and good performance, otherwise the cost-savings will only end up as a waste of money, when faced with repairs or rework once again.

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