Concrete for Energy Conservation

April 1, 2010

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The rising concern for the welfare of the environment is taking root in the construction industry. And to concrete finish contractors, concrete is the perfect material to support the construction of green facilities. Aside from being made from abundant materials, concrete is also one of the best materials for energy conservation.

Concrete is one of a few building materials whose thermal mass property allows it to absorb, retain, and release heat that it has been exposed to, all throughout the day. This has a potential for energy savings because the thermal mass of concrete is large enough to absorb heat slowly and store it for a longer stretch of time. Heat transfer all throughout the building is therefore slower, leading to more moderate temperatures in the interior of the facility.

Concrete finish contractors find that in the heat of daytime or in the hot summer days, concrete absorbs heat to shield the interior spaces, keeping it relatively cooler inside and lessening the need for air conditioning, cooling and ventilation. The heat that it absorbed is released slowly and wards off the nighttime chill later, lessening energy needed for heating as a result. This translates to lesser overall energy consumed for keeping the building comfortable and in moderate temperatures. The lesser energy consumption reduces utility costs in the long run.

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