Consider a Maintenance Program for Exterior Decks

December 1, 2011

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When deck coatings fail, facility managers must allocate the time and budget for maintenance work. But how often should exterior deck coatings be repaired or repainted?

The decision to regularly perform the maintenance program for exterior deck coatings depend on several factors. First, obviously, is based on manufacturer’s recommendations. Most deck coatings have a recommended life of every 2-3 years, or as recommended by the coating contractor.

Exterior decks, patios, parking structures and walk ways often fall victim to deterioration because they are the most trafficked areas in the facility and exposed to damage from natural weather conditions everyday. Deck coatings show sign of disrepair when they are visibly cracked, peeling, or filled with moisture.

However, an important point to consider is the history of repair and maintenance done on the deck coatings system. If it has never been repaired or maintained since initial installation, then it may be time to schedule regular painting maintenance. An additional decision-making factor is the level of exposure that the area is receiving on a daily basis. If it is an open walk-way constantly subjected to all sorts of weather, it has a more immediate need for maintenance than when it is a covered deck.

A further determining factor is the function of the deck within in the facility. If it is constantly exposed to traffic, the deck coatings system will be more prone to damage than when the area is infrequently used.

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