Cool and Green Roofs

September 20, 2010

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Sustainable households are the homes of the future. They emit low or near-zero green house gas emissions as the household occupants go about their daily activities within. The carbon footprint for such houses is very minimal as a result. These green houses practice sustainable ways and use innovative elements in their walls, floors, and roofs.

When it comes to roofs, green houses often use cool roof coatings. These coatings are so-called because they mitigate the entry of heat into the house through the roofing system. They also possess reflective properties that allows for the sun’s rays to bounce off the rooftops, instead of being absorbed into the house, further lessening heat buildup. Most of the time, such cool roof coatings are used for metal-based roofs that are more impervious to heat.

The technology for cool roof coatings has been around for almost a decade, and much of the development focused on preventing heat buildup from solar rays. Some patented cool roof coatings use flouropolymer as an ingredient, because it allows for more efficient heat-reflectivity.

These properties of cool roof coatings make possible the lower and comfortable inner temperatures in green homes. When temperatures are moderate inside the house, the less energy is used for heating and cooling. With less energy expenditures, actual cost savings are achieved.

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