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December 29, 2009

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Industrial coating contractors find it easy to justify the cost of cool roofs to facility managers, knowing that whatever installation costs they will incur can be recovered through the numerous benefits derived from applying these innovative roofing products.

Cool roofs are so-called because they are applied with energy-efficient roof coatings. Most cool roof coatings nowadays are even formulated to be environment-friendly, with zero-VOC. Industrial coatings contractors recognize the inherent benefits of cool roofs that have high solar-reflective index or SRI. Solar reflectivity is an important metrics for roof coatings, because this measures the coatings’ capability to deflect sunlight away from the roof, thereby maintaining a cool environment within the facility.

Industrial coatings contractors know that the minimum SRI for a roof coating product to qualify as a cool roof is 78, anything above this is even better. The higher the SRI means that lesser amount of sun’s rays are being absorbed by the roof. And when sunlight is not absorbed through the roof, the interior of the facility is cooler, lessening the need for electricity and energy costs.

Beyond energy efficiency and environmental benefits, industrial coatings contractors like cool roofs because they also deliver the kind of quality expected of standard paints, from good adhesion, strength, and durability.

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