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February 16, 2010

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Many facility managers still fall prey to the misconception that just any contractor in town is up to the job of providing corrosion control and protection for facility infrastructures and valuable equipments. This misconception stems from an underestimation of the corrosion process itself, and overlooking the fact that corrosion can in fact bring catastrophic damage to important business investments. This mistake is a costly one to make, because corrosion-wrought damages to properties can put any business seriously in the red.

Not ordinary contractors, but corrosion control contractors possessing the specialized knowledge and experience to combat corrosion, are needed by facilities intent on saving their structures and equipments from damages caused by corrosion.

As with any highly-specialized niche, the following criteria separate the expert corrosion control contractors from the non-experts:

1. Long experience in corrosion control applications. The longer the better, because this brings added guarantee that the fight against corrosion will be a successful one.

2. Industry-specific and technical knowledge in corrosion protection. This includes years of accumulated best practices from past projects and updated skills in state-of-the-art and current technology, methodologies and corrosion protection coatings.

Because of the stakes involved should major infrastructures and equipments fall due to corrosive damages, facility managers should not think twice in hiring only the best corrosion control contractors for the job. The expert corrosion control contractor is qualified to assess the corrosion damage, present an array of possible solutions from which facility managers can choose from, and deliver the solution efficiently and successfully.

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