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December 23, 2009

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Concrete’s malleability when wet, and its strength and durability when in solid form, makes it an ideal material in creating interesting spaces in any facility. Beautiful concrete finish applications transform ordinary locations in the facility into imaginative and appealing work areas. No wonder the customization of concrete finish is one of the most popular jobs that painting contractors are often involved in.

The simplest way of customizing concrete finish applications is by the use of hand tools such as trowels and steel bristles, which can create geometric designs in the still-wet concrete surface. When dried, these patterns provide artistic appeal and increase surface traction.

But to really achieve more intricate designs in customized concrete finish, painting contractors use more complex application techniques that include acid staining, concrete polishing, mosaic tiling, and decorative coating, to name just a few.

With acid staining, the default drab gray color of concrete is replaced with colored concrete finish that perk up patios, facility floors, decks, walkways, and many other areas of the facility. The chemically-induced stains last for a long time when protected with a sealer or a top coat, producing a polished or a matted finish. Cement mixed with acrylic and a variety of colors, on the other hand, creates customizable concrete finish application imbued with strength, durability, and aesthetics.

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