Critical Elements of Commercial Coatings Applications

September 14, 2009

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The brisk growth of the commercial building sector has made commercial coating applications some of the most challenging activities to execute in the construction industry. Due to the demands of the business, commercial building owners require high quality commercial coating applications in their building and facilities. Most of these demands are for more attractive exterior and interior coatings and finishes, high-performing and long-lasting paints, and low- to zero-maintenance coatings. All these commercial coating applications to be executed at very reasonable costs.

To increase the challenge in commercial coating applications, the high market prices of materials and equipments, the advent of “green building” awareness, as well as compliance to environmental safety and ethical standards, have made commercial coating applications even more demanding to implement.

Despite these diverse requirements, commercial coatings applications are actually easy to deploy. All it takes are some essential elements to be put in place before, during, and after commercial coating applications. These elements include careful building inspection, well-planned customizations, proper paint selection, good workmanship, and accurate monitoring.

The next blog: Elements of Successful Commercial Coating Applications – Part 1 will talk about the value of conducting a thorough building inspection.

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