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July 1, 2010

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The year 2010 sees the emergence of innovative painting products and applications that characterize the post-crisis atmosphere of the building industry.  New paint colors reflect the light-hearted ambience of people who are slowly getting their buying powers back.  Eco-friendly painting applications sum up the ever-maturing green consciousness of the public.

Paint Color Forecasts

An evolution in paint pigments appears in many manufacturers’ pallets this year.  The array of hues caters to a variety of consumer tastes and preferences, summarized below:

1. Comfort Colors

Painting contractors can choose muted neutrals for a subtle calming effect in facility interiors.  These colors are mixed with undertones that adjust to the surroundings.  The final look is one of understated simplicity and comfort.

2. Warm and Vibrant Colors

Paint colors that are bright and rich are offered for interior applications.  Painting contractors can use these playful and vivid colors to create a positive and dynamic room atmosphere.

3. Artistic Colors

Manufacturers have produced a collection of pastel-colored paints for walls and murals evocative of Monet paintings.  Vibrant earth-toned colors are also being offered to create ethnic, Asian and African themes.  Painting contractors note that this year there is also a resurgence of “worn” or “old-world” themes using muted patinas.

Green Painting

Ecologically-friendly paints are cornering a wider market than before.  This is apparent in the line of offerings from major manufacturers:

  1. Low-odor water-based latex paints that contain low- to zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) are used as interior coatings systems.
  2. Acrylic coatings applicable for outdoor conditions and constant exposure to the elements.  These paints dry faster than regular exterior coatings.
  3. Paint biocides increase in demand as the construction industry turn away from harmful solvent-based to water-based systems, driving down the cost of paint biocides further downward.  The result is the increased market for hygienic coatings.
  4. Green paint supplies ranging from recycled nylon-bristled brushes and rollers to biodegradable trays and other earth-friendly materials.

Painting Contractors

To adapt to the new trends in the industry, painting contractors are changing their methodologies, techniques and mind sets:

  1. Painting contractors increase their familiarity of paints and finishes, particularly the newest released products in the market.
  2. Painting contractors deepen their skills to support nearly all requirements of building construction, repair and maintenance.  They cross-train personnel on tasks like interior and exteriors renovations, carpentry, wood-working, and wallpaper-work, among others.  A wide expertise in just about every aspect of the job allows them to deliver complete quality service to clients.
  3. Painting contractors comply with industry standards and certify themselves in industry regulating bodies to increase their competency.
  4. Painting contractors establish relationships with their trade partners to deliver more benefits to clients.

Future Forward

Various research is being conducted to advance the state of the painting technology.  The aim is keep in step with environmental goals of energy efficiency and lesser environmental toxicity.

The paint of the future will roll out from these research labs and into painting contractors‘ hands thanks to a variety of research initiatives done today.  These areas are not limited to:

  1. Improved paint application efficiency
  2. Better paint curing and drying
  3. Paint disposal and recyclability
  4. Smart self-cleaning paints
  5. Better paint monitoring and control

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