Customer service is key in facility maintenance

June 4, 2013

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Technical and mechanical industries often rely on hard skills to get the job done. But what about soft skills, like customer service? They are often overlooked and could be a crucial component in bringing in more business for your company.

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Proper customer service training equips your technicians, who are often the face of the company, by giving them the tools to manage communication between the service provider (you) and the customer. This translates into faster, more efficient problem identification, as well as higher customer satisfaction– increasing your bottom line.

When pushing for budget increments or less cuts, make sure you bring up customer service training for your frontline technicians, as it can only benefit your team and company overall.

Here are a few tips to make your customer service training more successful:

1. Identify the customers: Who will benefit most directly from your service? In a school, the students are the ultimate beneficiaries, but the most direct clients are the faculty members. If you’re a team of waterproofing contractors doing work for a grocery store, your direct clients are the salespeople, cashiers, stock managers, etc.

2. Identify goals: When you know who you’re working for, you know what their needs are. Knowing this will help in providing better solutions and communication between your staff and customers.

3. Select a provider: Will you need to get HR to do the training or will an outside contractor do the job?

4. Train for benefits: Adapt all training material so it works with real scenarios in your business that will make a positive impact on your day-to-day interactions.

Do you think your waterproofing company could benefit from customer service training?

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