Damage to Industrial Infrastructure

August 11, 2009

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Being an important physical backbone of any industrial enterprise, an industrial infrastructure propels the growth of business by supporting critical operations. That is why when infrastructure shows even a telltale sign of deterioration, facility owners need to act quickly to remediate. And when damages occur to protective infrastructure coating systems, a skilled painting company is called in to implement timely rehabilitation. The early detection, assessment, and remediation by the painting company of any infrastructure damage not only avoids huge costs, it also ensures lesser interruption in business processes.

Infrastructure damage may be rooted in a variety of causes. The painting company can pinpoint whether the presence of water or minute moisture quantities has led to fungal or microbial growth. The qualified painting company can also determine if erosion through the harsh scouring action of wind, air, and water have deteriorated the surface of the structure, or if improper ventilation has unbalanced humidity and temperature, causing condensation or dehydration of surfaces. A skilled painting company can determine whether chemical, physical, or corrosive attacks have undermined the integrity of the infrastructure.

During everyday operations, any signs of damage such as peeling paint, cracks in walls and surfaces, deteriorating floor quality, leaky roofs, traces of moisture seepage, or fungal and microbial stains should raise a warning bell that it maybe time to call in a painting company for coatings rehabilitation.

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