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March 7, 2013

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Interior commercial painting for summer preparations  

As many homeowners are gearing up for spring cleaning, it’s the ideal time to examine the interior of your commercial facility with an eye toward preparing for increased summer traffic. Appearance is a critical aspect of your overall presentation, and if customers enter your building to find dull, drab-looking surroundings, there’s a good chance they’ll walk out and never return.

Your interior paint may have been damaged through the fall and winter months. Now that spring is just around the corner, it’s a good time to check your facility for problem areas that will need attention before the summer crowds arrive.

How interior paint damage happens

Ordinary traffic levels and everyday wear and tear can take a toll on your interior paint. Of course, there will be contact with your walls, which can leave grime and scuff marks. This often occurs in a band around waist height, especially in areas where customers frequent. Your floor coatings may also be affected, especially through customers entering from a wet, dirty fall and winter environment.

The interior atmosphere of your facility can also affect your paint. Artificial heating or cooling systems change the ambient temperature of your walls, and may either increase or decrease the amount of moisture in the air. As a result, your paint might fade, buckle, or crack and peel in places.

Pre-summer interior painting choices

As the summer season brings an increase in both local and tourist traffic, you’ll want to ensure that your interior looks vibrant and welcoming. If your walls or floors have suffered heavy damage from fall and winter wear, now is the time to contact your commercial painting contractor and assess a new interior painting job.

You may also want to change or enhance the look of your facility. One good interior option that doesn’t require the investment of a full interior job is wainscoting painting. This is a good solution to freshen up the waist-level “band” of grime or fading that can occur in high-traffic areas. Graphics or artistic painting are also good choices to give your interior a new look for summer.

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