Deck Cleaning Prior to Waterproofing

February 22, 2011

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Cleanliness is next to… successful commercial deck waterproofing! Deck cleaning prior to maintaining or re-applying your waterproofing system is a sure way to ensure that the waterproofing system is in excellent condition, will perform well, and will last longer without any risk of coatings failure.

Commercial facilities see heavy traffic action every day. Deck cleaning should be done so that any accumulation of dirt, debris, molds or foreign particles that lodged in the nooks and corners of the exposed deck are removed completely. Not only do these accumulated materials make the deck look ugly and unclean, they also lessen the skid resistance of the deck. Worse, they reduce the adhesion profile of the surface, resulting to a possible commercial deck waterproofing system failure.

To prepare the deck surface prior to commercial deck waterproofing system installation, workers must go through the necessary steps to clean up the deck surface thoroughly. They should remove all obstructions from the deck area. Some decks may hold objects such as chairs, stools, tables, crates or furniture. These should be removed and any dirt underneath them is swept clean. If any debris stuck to corners they should also be removed.

Workers should then use a pressure washer or a hose to clean the deck further, ensuring that any remaining and tightly-packed dirt are removed. An appropriate cleaning solution should then be applied on the deck with a broom, map or brush. A rinse with the power washer should complete the cleaning process.

Any cracks should be repaired first, and the deck area dried completely, before starting the process of installing or repairing the commercial deck waterproofing system.

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