Deck Coatings General Project Requirements

November 10, 2009

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When it’s time for the repair and maintenance of deck epoxy coatings, facility managers must take into consideration the following general requirements. Without addressing these issues, the epoxy coatings project has a high chance of running into problems and, worse, may not be implemented successfully.

1. Make sure that the planned project is not in violation of any existing building codes in the location or area. Building codes are particularly concerned with areas of the facility that are exposed to the weather. Compliance to the building code entails the use of weather-protective deck components like epoxy coatings.

2. Determine the scope of the project, particularly the deck to be repaired, including the type or purpose of the deck structure. The occupancy level and the amount of daily traffic should also be taken into account. These factors help in estimating the effect of any epoxy coatings application to the building occupants, as well as the level of interruption to operations, if any.

3. Clarify key project data with the painting contractor, such as the condition of the building and its useful life. Together with the deck requirement, these data greatly help contractors during planning and actual project implementation.

4. Make sure that all aspects of the project fall within set budgetary constraints. It is important that there is availability of funds to support the epoxy coatings project and any future maintenance costs.

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