Deck Coatings in Food Plants: Your Options

July 25, 2011

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In some parts of a food plant, protective deck coatings are required – all that is needed is a thin floor that can ensure a surface remains even and safe. However, on the factory floor, where heavy machinery can cause wear or tear in deck coatings, and where forklifts and other specialist vehicles may be operating, specialist elastomeric coatings may be ideal – a thicker composition that will remain durable and strong for years to come, meaning that only one period of downtime is needed in a continuous production environment.

Questions to ask yourself include whether or not you require the food plant to be installed in phases, meaning that limited service and resume. There’s also the opportunity to add an anti-slip coating, and, crucially, get full approval for the components of deck coating used by the Food and Drug Administration who play a key part in protecting the everyday consumer.

If concrete has been the material of choice which has been used in a factory environment, repairing the concrete could also be useful instead of having to treat a surface and install brand-new flooring. There are contractors who have well over 20 years of industry experience to rely on, and you should pursue their recommendations as you select a safe and dependable service.

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