Deck Coatings Longevity Begins with Careful Preparation

September 23, 2009

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Prior to the application of a fresh coat of deck coatings, painting contractors always prepare the surface area carefully and thoroughly. This commonly involves identifying a portion of the surface as a “test area”, where deck coatings are applied first. The test area is then examined, evaluating the adhesion capability and the performance of the deck coatings to be applied.

A safe way to ensure that substrates are prepared properly is to follow closely the manufacturer’s installation guidelines for particular deck coatings products. Deck coatings vary in behavior and performance characteristics. Some coating products may not be suitable for exterior environments, or perform poorly when exposed to the rays of the sun. The cure rates of deck coatings may vary depending on the ambient temperature and humidity of the surroundings. The kind of surface or substrate also has a direct impact on the application of deck coatings, particularly in deciding on the amount of coatings that can be applied on the surface. For example, flat surfaces require lower paint volume than irregular or uneven surfaces.

And the standard practice of cleaning surfaces of dust or grease to assure better adhesion should be observed as well. Lastly, in cases when surfaces already show signs of cracking, these surfaces should be repaired first before deck coatings can be applied.

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