Deck Repairs and Coating Applications

May 11, 2010

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Concrete’s versatility makes it a typical choice of material for deck structures. But while concrete is strong and durable, it possesses particular properties that make it vulnerable to certain environmental factors. This makes decks based on concrete materials vulnerable to deterioration.

For example, concrete is vulnerable to salt and water exposure. The presence of moisture undermines the structural integrity of concrete decks. Concrete’s strength may be useful, but it has low tensile strength, needing reinforcing steels to make it strong and less prone to cracks. This underlying steel structure can corrode and pose yet another deck problem.

To address deck deterioration, damages in concrete decks should be addressed first before applying any deck coatings. If there is cracking or spalling, this should be patched with the appropriate repair material. A deck coatings specialist should inspect the cracks carefully. If the crack is still spreading, the surface must be completely repaired, not just merely patched.

Concrete surface rehabilitation should be conducted if the underlying reinforcing steel is already exposed on top of the deck surface. This is to preserve the structural integrity of the entire deck structure.

In general, facility managers should enlist the aid of skilled deck coatings contractors to assess the extent of deck damage, before doing any remediation activity. The damage may be severe that no amount of deck coatings can fix the problem anymore. The deck coatings specialist can determine if it is time for a complete deck renovation instead.

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