Decorative Concrete Application Options

March 8, 2012

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Choosing the best decorative concrete application for the property is easy, mainly because there are a varied number of options to choose from. Facility managers can choose from some of the most common applications, some of which are listed below:

1. Form lining. This type of application requires the artist’s touch, as decorative forms are molded with care by sculptors following a creative design or pattern. The molds are then used to create impressions on the surface. The combination of the colorless cement slab and colored molds creates appealing decorations in the surface.

2. Mixed aggregates. One of the most common methods of decorative finishing, that is also easy to prepare, requires the use of coloring agents or solid aggregates mixed with cement to create interesting hues and patterns in the surface.

3. Stamping. Molds made of stone or wood are stamped into the wet mixture before it dries. When the molds are removed, they leave behind interesting impressions in the surface.

4. Acid-etch staining. The use of acid-based chemical stains seep into the porous concrete surface to create unique patterns, increasing the appeal of patios, walkways and ordinary floors.

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