Decorative Concrete Finishes: What Are Your Options?

June 13, 2011

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There is plenty of choice when it comes to decorative concrete finishes, and they can be applied in a variety of commercial environments. Choosing to color dust decorative concrete is recommended for facility managers who are looking to utilize a color scheme as part of a company’s corporate identity. In addition, stamped or bricked decorative concrete can create a consistent finish that can be implemented throughout multiple retail outlets for a uniform appearance. This sets the tone for clients to expect consistent and reliable service from your business, no matter which commercial property they are visiting.

Whereas some types of finishes are timeless, others won’t always be perceived to be modern and sophisticated. If you are looking for decorative concrete that will look good with little maintenance for decades to come instead of years, you may consider avoiding seeded aggregate, which began to drop significantly in the ‘50s and ‘60s before becoming a viable option yet again.

Regardless of the decorative concrete finish you choose, there are some things you can rely on:

• Value will be significantly added to your commercial properties. If you decide to sell off some retail units in a few years, the decorative concrete finish will enhance the interest of buyers who will be assured that not much work needs to be done to your office space.
• They can require little maintenance, with a jet wash every once in a while to ensure that your decorative concrete finish retains its shine if it is outdoors.

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