Decorative Floor Coating Products and Application

November 5, 2009

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Decorative floor coatings are now formulated to deliver quality performance just like regular heavy-duty formulations. Paint manufacturers have imbued decorative floor coatings with toughness and endurance that opened the doors for their installation in more and more applications, commercial or industrial.

Below are decorative floor coatings products and their varied applications:

1. Non-fading aliphatic polyisocyanates products. These are decorative floor coatings that prove resistant against detergents and chemical abrasives commonly used to clean or sanitize floors.

2. Two-component polyurethane systems. These decorative floor coatings provide visual appeal as well as sound- and water-proofing performance. They are also slip- and static-resistant and can withstand extreme climate conditions.

3. 100% solid epoxy coatings. These decorative floor coatings come in many shades and hues, giving wider choices in making utilitarian floors look more appealing.

4. Mosaic tile decorative floor coatings. These are tiled presentations that come with paint chips for added depth and beauty, minus the cost of actual tiles. Polyurethane top coats are used to complete the beautiful floor system that delivers excellent performance at the same time.

5. Colored quartz coatings. Instead of paint chips, an artistic combination of quartz and mosaic tiles delivers toughness and endurance on top of attention-grabbing visual presentation.

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