Decorative Use of Epoxy Coating

July 1, 2009

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Epoxy coating products are often used for many industrial and commercial floors and decks, such as parking and sun decks, balconies, mechanical and industrial production rooms. The versatility of epoxy coating covers a wide spectrum of applications — from protection and resistance to chemical and physical damages, as well as for preserving the aesthetic value of decks and floors in any facility.

For decorative coatings, a line of tough and light-reflective epoxy coating products are often used. These epoxy coating products maintain the resistant properties of ordinary epoxy coating, providing effective protection against abrasion and chemical damages. These high-gloss coatings shield decks and floors from hydrocarbon spillage and are often used as glazing for added protection of standard floor systems. These coatings are also used in decorative show rooms, pool decks, medical suits and patios.

Some epoxy coating systems are even safe and USDA-approved for the food service industry, protecting the concrete floors from constant food spills. Because they are grease- and chemical-resistant, they are ideally used in kitchens, cafeterias and restaurants. These epoxy coating products are also easy to clean and emits low to zero odor.

For protecting aggregate surfaces and preventing discoloration of decorative decks and floors, ultraviolet-resistant epoxy binders are commonly used. Their excellent adhesion property is very suitable for decorative aggregate floors in walk ways and patios.

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