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January 18, 2013

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Chemical resistant and anti-static deck coatings

Many commercial and industrial facilities require protection for their floors and decks that extend beyond everyday wear and tear. In these cases, specialized coatings such as chemical resistant and anti-static coatings can be employed to ensure that your floor are able to withstand the rigors of your day-to-day business.

A professional commercial painting contractor will be able to recommend specialized applications when they make sense for certain areas of your facility, whether it’s a corrosive industrial environment with frequent chemical spills, or an area that houses sensitive equipment that must be protected from electrical surges.

What it is

Chemical resistant deck coatings are designed with exceptional waterproofing abilities, and serve to protect your floors from the damage that chemical spills can cause. Epoxy resins are an example of chemical resistant coatings that can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. In some cases, elastomerics can also provide chemical resistance.

As the name suggests, anti-static deck coatings are engineered to prevent static buildup and discharge, due to either electronic equipment, foot traffic, or any combination of factors. This type of coating often makes use of a built-in grounding system to control static activity at the source.

Where to use it

Durable and nearly impermeable, chemical resistant coatings are frequently used for industrial facilities that employ chemical processes. This includes chemical operations as well as facilities that produce mechanical residue and use heavy-duty cleaning substances for removal. Facilities such as hospitals and morgues can also benefit from chemical resistant floor coatings.

Anti-static deck coatings are recommended for use in facilities that employ specialized electronic equipment. Once again, hospitals and medical centers are a good example. Other types of facilities where anti-static deck coatings are beneficial include telecommunication and relay centers, laboratories, and factories that run large amounts of machinery.

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