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January 7, 2013

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Choosing the right coating for your facility’s flooring

When most people envision commercial or industrial painting, it is often the interior and exterior walls that come to mind. However, painting is an equally important consideration for your exterior decks and interior flooring. In addition to aesthetic considerations, the proper deck coating can enhance safety at your facility, and extend the longevity of your floors while maintaining a pleasing appearance.

There are many types of specialty deck coatings to choose from for industrial and commercial painting applications. Your choice should depend on the environment that affects your floors, and the particular needs of your facility.

Broadcast and anti-skid deck coatings

Safety for both customers and staff is an essential consideration in any commercial or industrial facility. Certain areas require enhanced protection from slips and falls, which can be provided through broadcast and anti-skid coatings. These types of coatings are generally designed to provide heightened traction and anti-slip properties, while maintaining a surface that is still easy to clean.

Elastomeric deck coatings

The most favored choice for waterproofing among experienced commercial contractors, elastomeric coatings are completely impervious to moisture. They also possess exceptional elongation properties that allow them to expand and contract along with the substrate in extreme heat or cold, and regain their original shape. Elastomerics are ideal for exterior decks and walkways, and can also be used for interior applications.

Epoxy deck coatings

Perhaps the most durable type of coating available for industrial and commercial applications, epoxy deck coatings provide 100 percent waterproofing, and are virtually impermeable to moisture, including corrosive substances. This tough-as-nails coating can withstand heavy foot and machinery traffic, and is a very popular choice for many facilities with floors that undergo extensive wear and tear.

Chemical resistant and anti-static deck coatings

Some commercial and industrial environments require specialized floor coatings that perform a specific function. Chemical resistant deck coatings are preferable in highly corrosive industrial environments that use chemical processes or heavy-duty cleaners for tough machine residue. The function of anti-static deck coatings is to absorb and prevent static discharge, which helps to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

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