Durable Elastomeric Paint Provides Maximum Protection

June 12, 2014

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There are many different types of paint used in commercial and industrial painting. One of the most popular is called elastomeric paint. It is a water-based paint formulated from an acrylic resin. This paint has incredible strength and durability. Elastomerics are very flexible, with high color retention and will give your commercial or industrial building superior waterproofing and weatherproofing. This tough coating creates a barrier that protects substrate from moisture damage.

This type of paint is completely elastic and flexible, which allows it to expand and contract along with the material beneath under extreme heat or cold keeping it from cracking. It also resists fading in sunlight, heat, and wind. The elasticity also can help to seal small cracks and help prevent them from worsening. The best surfaces for applying elastomeric coatings are; brick, stucco, concrete, and fiber cement. However, there are many types of surfaces can benefit from it as well. Although most commonly used on exteriors of commercial and industrial buildings, some have relied on elastomerics for the protection of; industrial machinery, steel structural components, and exterior features like walkways and handrails due to its amazing waterproofing and weatherproofing capabilities. There are those who have also used it seasonally to repair the wear and tear that comes with the different weather patterns.

Elastomeric paint is used primarily for commercial and industrial building exteriors. It is thicker and more durable than ordinary exterior paint, you can’t tell by its appearance. Elastomerics can be tinted to nearly any hue, although earth tones and pastels are most popular, it is also available in smooth and textured varieties of paint. It can appear just the same as regular paint, and is available with just as many options.

Applying Elastomerics

The application process of elastomerics needs to be done by a professional due them having the correct knowledge of the paint as well as the application process. These painting contractors are skilled and have the knowledge as well as experience in application of elastomerics. Precision and timing are two of the most important parts of this paint. If it is not applied with the correct thickness or not allowed the proper amount of time to dry, the coating will not form as well and will wear out a lot faster, requiring more frequent coats of paint to be applied.

To ensure your commercial or industrial buildings exterior paint, hiring a professional, painting, contractor that is experienced in elastomeric paint will help to give you the quality of appearance as well as assure you it has been applied correctly, in order to serve your building for years to come.

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