Easy Floor Maintenance with Industrial Floor Coatings

November 12, 2010

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Industrial floors are not spared from age and deterioration. Even floors that are constructed using the strongest and highest-quality materials and industrial floor coatings are vulnerable to damages after a certain period of time. Like equipments, tools and machineries, industrial floors have limited shelf-life and need to be maintained.

Regular maintenance keeps industrial floors in good condition. The maintenance schedule is the perfect time to repair any floor cracks and damages sustained in the course of every day operations. It is also the time for thorough cleaning, washing, and re-application of industrial floor coatings. Many industrial floor coatings are made to last for long periods of time. They are highly resistant to damage and load impact. As a result, these coatings do not need frequent maintenance more than vehicles, equipments and other properties in the industrial facility. With lesser need for frequent maintenance, their costs of cleaning, repair or replacement are also lesser.

Many industrial floor coatings can be used depending on the function of a particular floor area and the nature of damage exposure. For example, in food processing areas where hygiene is important, the appropriate coatings that can inhibit bacterial growth should be used. For laboratory floors, chemical-resistant coatings are appropriate. In areas where floors are often exposed to severely high temperatures, heat-resistant coatings are the only solution.

Epoxy-based industrial floor coatings are some of the most low-maintenance coatings for facility floors. When damage occurs, these coatings seep into floor cracks to seal the damaged area, further extending the floor’s useful life.

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