Eco-Friendly Corrosion Inhibitors

July 13, 2010

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Increasing awareness of environmental concerns and issues has opened the doors for manufacturers to create a steady supply of green products. In the building industry, natural and zero-toxic materials and paints are being sourced and formulated as a green alternative to conventional yet environment-harming paints. Builders now have the option to use corrosion resistant coatings or inhibitors that are compliant with LEED environmental standards in areas of environment safety and sustainability.

What consist eco-friendly corrosion resistant coatings and corrosion inhibitors? They are often 100%-solid systems. High-solids that are packaged in powder form. The VOC has been reduced or eliminated in their formulation. Furthermore, heavy metals like zinc have all but disappeared in the content.

To prevent any more toxins from being released to the environment during application, manufacturers removed the chromate in corrosion inhibitors, although chromate is an effective component. Non-toxic inhibitors deliver the same performance as chrome-based inhibitors and can be used for specific substrates. However, unlike chrome, they are not yet as flexible to apply in many types of surfaces. Manufacturers are seeking a way to make them more versatile and wide-ranging in application.

The application of green paints has made for more energy-efficient buildings and offices. As facilities become greener and greener, the demand for green paint increases. With a confusing range of green choices, builders rely on green labels in product selection. The green label guarantees that the product is certified for eco-friendliness and recyclability, and that its life cycle followed an environment-friendly process of raw material acquisition, processing, distribution, use and disposal.

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