The Economics of Public Structures Coating Projects

August 19, 2009

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Since public structures are built to support many community services — providing transportation, medical assistance, and other utilities — the government commonly funds their construction and upkeep. For maintenance and repair of these structures, the funding often comes from government or taxpayers’ money. Needless to say, economic viability particularly in the recent recession-packed times is a major factor for consideration when the painting company implements any coating repairs project in the facility.

Even though the financial downturn has shown signs of improving and the government has signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to stimulate the beleaguered economy, it is expected that the long road to recovery and normal spending is not yet over. Investments in construction, much less maintenance, are not yet back to normal. Sales of paints, coatings, and other basic building materials are still not stable because of the economic downturn. For facility managers of public structures, much-needed renovations done by painting company contractors must be implemented with tight budgetary constraints.

This means that the painting company tasked to improve the coatings system of the public structure must do so with the most minimal costs, without sacrificing work quality. This economic constraint should achieve the near-impossible – substantial work minus costly materials and absolutely zero-tolerance for poor work practices. The painting company should be an expert in the most economical approach to the project while still achieving superior performance and long-term protection of the structure.

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