Effective Solutions to Trafficked Area Problems

May 18, 2009

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Because of their constant exposure to a variety of activities and applications, floorings are one of the most vulnerable areas in any residential, commercial, or industrial facility. Floorings often receive a fair amount of damage due to mechanical load or constant human traffic, requiring the industrial floor coating system to be re-applied for repair and maintenance.

High-trafficked floors, in particular, have problematic maintenance issues because of the steady stream of activities, people, and equipment using these floors daily. Hotel lobby floors, for instance, must be constantly clean and dirt-free to achieve an inviting and welcoming look, even while being frequently used by visitor. Pool floors and spas, on the other hand, are constantly exposed to water and require regular antimicrobial sanitizing to prevent the growth of molds and bacterial infestation.

Public venues pose another challenge due to larger quantities of dirt, oil, or food spills produced by thousands of people sharing the space at the same time. Industrial floors are subjected to stresses caused by frequent loads from fork lifts, trucks, and mechanical equipments, causing deterioration in the industrial floor coating.

Maintaining high-trafficked floors is further compounded by the fact that most of these areas cannot afford a long downtime or inaccessibility during industrial floor coating application.

Only quick and durable industrial floor coating products can therefore address the need for repair and protection of these high-trafficked floors.

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