Elastomeric Coatings perform well in all types of exterior surfaces

April 2, 2012

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If someone asks a painting contractor or a facility manager about the best coatings in the building industry, the reply is often elastomeric paints. This industry opinion comes from years of experience with the product. Elastomeric coating services are widely-used in facilities for the following reasons:

First, they are durable with a long life. With proper surface preparation and coatings application, elastomeric coatings contractors find the finished product can perform for over a decade.

Secondly, they exhibit high resistance to sun, snow, wind, rain, and extreme conditions. The acrylic binder found in this polymer coating has impressive tensile strength and elasticity, which is the reason behind this high resistance.

Thirdly, they perform well in nearly all kinds of exterior surfaces and applications like stucco, concrete, wood, masonry, and T-111 panels’ sidings. The latter are non-typical substrates with groves and a textured surface, and only high-performance coatings can work on them.

Lastly, elastomeric coating service applications are used to repair cracks in crack-prone vulnerable exterior surfaces.

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