Elastomeric Weatherproofing Coatings

October 14, 2011

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Elastomeric coatings are water and weatherproofing systems that offer a longer life and superior performance over traditional paint.

These specialized coating systems are ideal for applications on stonework, stucco as well as concrete. Elastomeric’s flexible nature makes them a good choice to help bridge minor high line cracking. In situations where cracking has already occurred, experienced crews tuck point open mortar joints or remove and patch concrete prior to coating.

Elastomeric coatings are waterproof, but allow for dampness transfer, which will allow for the stonework structure to release damp vapors without interfering with the adhesion and also the performance of the coating.

Elastomerics have the ability to withstand wind driven rain up to 100 mph. These particular coatings can also bridge minor cracks where standard paints cannot. They have considerably more elasticity and elongation compared to traditional paint. Consequently, you usually receive much longer life from the product. Simple application means elastomeric coatings are generally applied without the trouble of extra high performance coatings

Painting companies will work with you to determine how an elastomeric coating can help to serve your project’s requirements. Extremely skilled craftsmen are trained to work with elastomeric and several other types of high performance sealant and coating options.

Call an experienced painting company and discover more about elastomeric coatings and how they might help waterproof your facility.

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