Elastomerics 101

September 8, 2012

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Elastomerics 101

The basics of elastomeric paint

For exterior waterproofing of commercial and industrial facilities, one of the best types of paint is elastomeric coating. Made with acrylic resin, this water-based paint is preferred by many commercial painting contractors, both for its aesthetic appeal and because it forms a protective barrier against the elements.

Potent properties

In addition to providing superior waterproofing and weatherproofing, elastomerics are highly flexible, with 100% elongation. This ability to stretch means that when a building expands or contracts under extreme temperatures, the paint moves along with the substrate, which prevents cracking and chipping of the coating.

Elastomeric coatings can also bridge small, existing cracks or holes in substrate, and keep them from expanding due to water seepage or weather conditions.

Versatility in color and texture

Though most elastomeric paint is done in pastel or earth tones, the coating can be tinted to just about any color. The resin used in this type of paint ensures excellent durability and color preservation—an exterior coating of elastomerics will often retain its aesthetic appeal for a decade or longer.

Elastomerics may have a smooth or textured appearance. Smooth elastomerics can be either flat or satin sheen, and textured varieties are often used to camouflage surface imperfections. Ultimately, elastomeric coatings look no different than ordinary exterior paint.

The benefits of using a professional commercial painting company

While elastomerics can technically be used on just about any type of substrate, it’s important to understand which surfaces will take well to elastomeric paint, and whether there’s a better choice. Experienced contractors understand the best choices for matching paint types with surfaces.

In addition, elastomeric coating must be applied with precision, since it’s hard to achieve the proper thickness. If the coating is too thin or too thick, the paint job will begin to show signs of wear and tear much faster.

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