Elements of Successful Commercial Coating Applications – Part 1

September 15, 2009

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Continued: Critical Elements of Commercial Coatings Applications

Commercial building owners demand high quality commercial coating applications in their facilities to satisfy business requirements. This means attractive exterior and interior finishes with low- to zero-maintenance costs. On top of this, facility owners must also contend with rising material costs and prices of equipments, and the growing awareness of environmentally-safe green paints. Despite these diverse requirements, there are at least five critical elements that can spell success for commercial coating applications. Below is the first important element:

1. Complete Inspection of the Building and Its Condition

The property should undergo a comprehensive assessment by a professional assessor. Prior to any implementation of commercial coating applications, the inspection of the condition of the commercial property is very important in decision-making later on. The assessor should conduct a visual inspection of the building, and submit a professional report that reveals significant findings on the status of various critical systems such as roofs, foundations, HVAC system, electrical system, plumbing system, among others.

Any findings that come forth from the inspection will aid greatly during the planning stage of commercial coating applications. The information gathered from the building assessment will serve as a guide to come up with solutions involving commercial coating applications.

The next blog will discuss the next two critical elements of successful commercial coating applications: planned customization and quality coating product selection.

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