Elements of Successful Commercial Coating Applications – Part 2

September 16, 2009

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Continued: Elements of Successful Commercial Coating Applications – Part 1

The previous blog discussed one of the critical elements to achieve success in commercial coating applications – a comprehensive building inspection. The report gleaned from the thorough investigation of the building’s current condition is used by the succeeding critical factors listed below:

2. Customized Commercial Coating Applications

Based on the findings of the building inspection, commercial coating applications that follow the report and addresses critical findings will be more likely to succeed in implementation. When actual problems and issues that are existing in the commercial facility are addressed through proper customization, better performance can be achieved by commercial coating applications. The identification of the right product choices, appropriate application procedures, equipments, and personnel will ensure that the commercial coating applications project delivers the most correct solution and result to minimal costs.

3. Quality Coating Products

One of the major contributors to the success of any commercial coating applications is the identification and use of high-quality coating products and materials. High-performing coatings last longer and protect surfaces much better than substandard products. These coating materials should comply with stringent industry and environmental standards to deliver the best performing and value-for-money commercial coating applications.

The next blog will discuss how workmanship and proper monitoring can spell success for commercial coating applications.

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