Elements of Successful Commercial Coating Applications – Part 3

September 17, 2009

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Continued: Elements of Successful Commercial Coating Applications – Part 2

Customizing commercial coating applications in response to the findings of a building inspection goes a long way towards ensuring application success. This and the proper identification of the right quality products for the job were discussed in the previous blog as two of the critical elements of successful commercial coatings applications.

Below are the last, but no less important, elements for commercial coating:

4. Superior Workmanship

If the commercial coating applications is entrusted to a certified painting contractor with proven work experience, the commercial coating applications is almost assured of success. A skilled contractor can capably handle the commercial coating applications project from planning up to its completion. An expert contractor can take the project through building inspection, customized installation and identification of the best products to use for the project, and has the competency to work collaboratively with the facility owner, project management team, suppliers, and a variety of other stakeholders. With these skill set, the painting contractor will be able to integrate the critical elements of commercial coating applications during project implementation smoothly and successfully.

5. Progress Monitoring

Job monitoring during and after project execution is another critical element that must be observed in commercial coating applications. Monitoring is critical in the avoidance of costly coating failures, ensuring that the work is done within specification. Monitoring can detect deviations and problems as soon as they develop, and can be rectified as early as possible. More favorably, monitoring instruments should be setup to track the progress of commercial coating applications more carefully and accurately.

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