Encapsulation Lead Abatement Contractors

February 12, 2009

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Encapsulation is a safe, effective and less expensive option for facility managers to take when they are faced with the need to conduct lead abatement activities. As opposed to standard lead removal solutions, encapsulation drastically cuts down the cost of the lead abatement project because it requires less time and manpower to implement. Encapsulation also eliminates the need to cleanup any removed lead paint after the project, hence no additional cost for contaminated waste disposal is incurred.

Encapsulation is a fairly simple and straightforward process. It involves applying a multiple coating of encapsulating solvent to bind lead paint back to the building surface, and seal the lead paint tightly, thereby effectively removing the danger of lead exposure and poisoning.

Although the process is straightforward, encapsulation still requires the expertise of a properly-trained encapsulation worker. In fact, any lead abatement work should always be done by certified lead abatement contractors to comply with safety regulations. Furthermore, lead abatement through encapsulation need to use approved encapsulant solvents only, due to the high degree of risk when working with lead.

In the event that the facility manager hire a professional painting contractor that has no certifications for lead abatement, the painting contractor should contract out the lead abatement activity to a certified lead abatement contractor.

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