Environmentally-Sensitive Coatings – Manufacturers’ Response

June 16, 2009

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Stricter environmental standards covering the construction industry and the painting industry in particular has increased the awareness of the average consumer of the need for low- and zero-VOC-emitting coatings for commercial building painting. This environmental concern has altered consumers’ preferences in commercial building painting products. Consumers are increasingly looking for more environment-friendly coating options in the market.

Consumer preference urged the coatings industry to accept the challenge of eliminating harmful VOC emissions in their products. Major coating companies began conducting intensive research and development to manufacture more environment-sensitive coating products and reformulate existing ones. The result of their efforts is a whole range of technological innovations in low-VOC-emitting products.

One of the major areas of development is in eco-friendly water-based paints, which have been re-designed for improved performance, better adhesive capabilities, enhanced color, and long-lasting resistance. Major paint companies lowered the VOC content in their latex products, while maintaining the same performance as before. Water-based polyurethane mixtures have also been modified to achieve durability needed for maintenance applications, but with less-VOCs than standard paints.

Most coating companies reformulated nearly all of their coating products, even major flagship products, in the drive to produce ecologically-sustainable coatings for commercial building painting.

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